The CMPDA's Anti-Piracy Operations was established to investigate complaints of motion picture piracy, and to co-operate with law enforcement
agencies such as the RCMP, municipal, regional and provincial police services and Crown prosecutors throughout Canada.  It represents the interests
of the members of the CMPDA and their affiliated companies as well as the interests of the CMPDA's associate organization - the Home Video
Committee - Canada.

To combat an increasing source of lost revenue to it’s member companies, the CMPDA, in 1999, expanded its mandate to include the cable and
satellite industries in a program designed to help fight signal piracy. The represented organizations include Canadian broadcasters, cable undertakings,
certain specialty channels and direct to home (DTH) satellite service providers.

The CMPDA investigates motion picture piracy in all its aspects and specifically targets the following activities;

- the manufacture, rental or sale of pirated videocassettes DVDs and VCDs
- the use of the internet to pirate motion pictures whether by the sale of hardgoods or the transmission of compressed video
- the illegal modification, distribution and sale of cable boxes and direct to home satellite systems, access cards and other services which permit the
  viewing of pay-per-view movies and movie networks.
- camcorder piracy, the intentional recording of a motion picture in a theatre.


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