JUNE 29, 2001
Vancouver RCMP confiscate 1000 pirate videos (FVSO News Release)

The CFVSO’s National Office struck a blow against video pirates who continue trafficking in bogus copies of MPAA-CMPDA member company titles on Thursday, June 26 by working a raid with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Vancouver Detachment Federal Enforcement Section.

As a result, the FES officers raided a Nanaimo B.C. video store and confiscated over 1000 pirate VHS videocassettes with titles such as Sony’s All The Pretty Horses, Columbia TriStar’s Crouching Tiger  Hidden Dragon and Girlfight, Fox’s Men of Honor and Paramount’s What Women Want.

Events leading up to the raid prove that some time-honored FVSO traditions still hold true: the raid that lead to the FVSO’s investigation started with a tip from an industry source.

After getting the tip, the FVSO’s National Office co-ordinated the investigation by using an investigator in the area and then turned the evidence over to the RCMP.