JUNE 07, 2003
Toronto Police seize $550,000.00 in pirate music CD's, VHS and DVD movies and manufacturing equipment. (Toronto Police News Release)

A lengthy investigation by the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) uncovered several locations offering for sale CD-R copies of sound recordings. A private investigation firm acting on behalf of CRIA conducted observations and made several purchases of unauthorized copies of compact discs from various addresses. During the course of the investigation it became apparent that there were identified individuals responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of these unlawfully copied CD's at various flea markets and retail outlets in the greater Toronto area.

" With the proliferation of multiple copy, CD burning hardware, we have seen a tremendous escalation in the unauthorized copying of legitimate sound recordings", said Brian Robertson, President of the Canadian Recording Industry Association. " These mini manufacturing plants can be set up in a small room and can reproduce thousands of illegal copies at very little cost. "CRIA applauds the initiative of 52 Major Crime Unit in taking action in this case", concluded Mr. Robertson.

CRIA has a mandate to investigate infringement of copyright in its members sound recordings and to seek enforcement of its members' rights. The most recent international statistics show that CD recordable piracy tripled in 2001 and significantly contributed to the $5.8 billion global piracy market.

On Saturday, June 7, 2003 Toronto Police executed simultaneous Criminal Code Search warrants at 6 addresses where an estimated $550,000.00 in pirated music CD's, VHS and DVD movies and equipment used for manufacturing and distribution were seized.

Raided were 2 booths at the Dr. Flea's Market, 28 Westmore Ave., booths at the Weston Flea Market, 404 Old Weston Rd. and the Scarborough Trade Centre Flea Market, 4181 Sheppard Ave. E. and 2 retail stores; Phat Jams Muzik at 32a Rexdale Blvd. and Solgie's Phat Jam's, 1154 Morningside Ave., Unit #211.

Six individuals have been charged with offences under the Criminal Code and Copyright Act.