Rob Lamberti - The Toronto Sun, April 8, 2004

More than 3,400 counterfeit movie and music discs were seized on a raid in a Chinatown shop yesterday.

Toronto Police and investigators with the recording and motion picture industry were tipped following a weekend newspaper story about House of Electronics Co. Ltd. on Spadina Ave. They found about 1,900 counterfeit movie DVDs and about 1,500 bogus CDs.

A number of DVDs were of films that haven't been released yet, including The Passion of the Christ and Master and Commander.

The seizure comes as The Toronto Sun prepares a five part series Sunday on the Stealing of Hollywood, about video and music piracy operations.

Ricky Ly, 30 of Toronto, is charged with offering counterfeit music and movies for sale, and Li Wan Kei, 30, was arrested by Immigration Canada for being illegally in the country.