Thursday April 19, 2007

Richmond; Corporal Steve Goss, N.C.O. i/c of the Economic & Computer Crime Section at Richmond Detachment, today announced the recent Police raid of a criminal counterfeit DVD retailing operation.

In November 2006 Police received a complaint from the local rights holder of various Chinese-language motion picture films regarding the existence of a sophisticated counterfeit DVD movie retailer at the President's Plaza shopping mall in Richmond. A lengthy investigation proceeded which culminated yesterday on April 18, 2007 with the execution of a search warrant at the business premises of President Video at #1150-8181 Cambie Road, Richmond BC.

The store was stocked with approximately 3,000 high-quality counterfeit Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Hollywood DVD movies. These imitations were being sold to the general public at prices ranging from $7 each to four for $20, which is a fraction of the normal retail price for genuine products. It is believed that the counterfeit movies were being produced in China and then shipped to Canada for sale.

The owner/operator of the business, a 46-year old male from Richmond BC, was arrested at scene and later released to attend Court on a future date. Numerous charges under the federal Copyright Act are being considered. A conviction under the Copyright Act carries a maximum penalty of 5 years imprisonment and/or a $1 million fine.

For more information please contact Corporal Steve Goss at (604)207-4709.


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