Quebec RCMP Raid a Satellite Signal Theft Operation

Brossard, QC - April 19, 2007 -
On April 17, the Sherbrooke detachment of the RCMP conducted a raid following a multi-year investigation into a satellite signal theft ring in the Eastern Townships near Sherbrooke Quebec. A raid was conducted and one individual was arrested in connection with a sophisticated website operation. The site was involved in the sale, distribution and modification of receivers and illegal satellite components throughout North America. The Canadian Motion Picture Distributor Association's (CMPDA) Anti-Piracy Operations, Industry Canada and Bell Express Vu also assisted in the investigation.

"We applaud the continued dedication of the Sherbrooke RCMP in enforcing the law with respect to satellite signal theft," said Serge Corriveau, Vice-President and National Director of the CMPDA, Anti-Piracy Operations.

Today's arrests illustrate the importance of law enforcement in addressing this growing illegal activity. The CMPDA supports the calls upon Government to assist law enforcement by updating the Radiocommunication Act to include more effective provisions to address new forms of satellite signal theft and stronger penalties to serve as an effective deterrent.   

About The Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association
The CMPDA serves as the voice and advocate of the major studios of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) whose distribution divisions market feature films, pay TV, prime time entertainment programming for television and pre-recorded videos and DVDs in Canada. The CMPDA conducts investigations, assists with the criminal and civil litigation generated by such cases, and helps to teach movie fans about the harmful effects of piracy.

About Movie Piracy
A comprehensive study aimed at producing a more accurate picture of the impact that piracy has on the film industry including, for the first time, losses due to internet piracy, recently calculated that the CMPDA related studios lost US$6.1 billion to worldwide piracy in 2005.

Canada has experienced its own radical growth of film piracy over the last number of years: CMPDA seizures jumped from 29 in 2004 to 92 in 2005 (a 317 percent increase). In the same one year time period, the number of pirated DVDs seized in CMPDA related investigations in Canada went from approximately 41,600 in 2004 to 400,000 in 2005 - a 960 percent increase. Piracy impacts a wide spectrum of artists, manufacturers, distributors, producers, retailers, theatre operators, employees, consumers, and governments and is recognized as a serious and growing problem throughout the world.

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